In June 2013, I fell ill, and had suffered from a very high fever that left me bedridden and bereft of strength and vitality. As I slowly began to regain my fervor and energy, I signed up for the Boogie Down Boot Camp classes offered by Strength and Fitness Coach Ezra Richards at Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY). In taking these classes, I quickly learned the importance of strengthening my core muscles, setting aside a structured weekly fitness regimen, and the reinforcement of the importance of having correct form and breath when running miles for endurance. Slowly but surely, I become stronger, and to this day, my love for fitness and health continues to be a central focal point in my life. Through his motivation, skill set, and push to physically and mentally challenge me, Coach Ezra has turned the art of fitness into a lifestyle, and a primary preventive tool that has kept me out of the hospital to this current day.

Taneeka L. Wilder,