Running is something that i have done all my life, whether it was on the school playground, on the soccer field as a young boy, or on the football field as a high school athlete. I always had a reason and will to run. It wasn't until after high school sports that I really found running as a passion in my life. Once organized sports stopped the athletic training could have stopped as well, but because the only thing I knew how to do was to use my legs to run, it didn't. I started running my first year of college and I would just run for miles on my own and little did I know that I was running the wrong way for most of my life! It wasn't until Coach Ezra pushed me one day on a run where we were able to run around the campus of Florida International University. I asked him "How long are we going to run for?" and he told me, "Until you can't run anymore, trust me". So, that is exactly what I did. Coach Ezra knew how to test my limits and he showed me so much about running that it changed the way I ran, my body, and even the way I lived my life. He taught me that running isn't simply what it appears to be on the outside, but it encompasses your entire body including what goes on in between your ears (your brain!). He showed me how to lengthen my strides, where to place my arms, how to level my shoulders, and how to shape my hands. He taught me how important my form was and I saw immediate results in my ability to run longer and with more confidence. He taught me how to slowly increase my heart rate and how to properly warm up and cool down after my run. He gave me a new found confidence in myself and my athletic abilities that I would never have felt if it was not for his tips and expertise. I am so thankful for Coach Ezra and the small role that he played in my life!

Brandon Owens,